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          門店銷售 (西餐廚師)

          • 其它  |
          • 少于50人  |
          • 2019-08-24

            不限工作經驗  不限學歷   招若干人  性別:不限
            英語 熟練   年齡:不限


          Do you have a passion for food? Are you able to keep up with fast paced nature of retail?
          Swiss Butchery is looking for a friendly, customer focused person with a can do attitude to join our award winning sales team.

          Who is SWISS BUTCHERY? 我們是誰?
          Swiss Butchery ensures quality products and safe provision, including home delivery and wholesales, is a fast growing company in Shanghai. We currently have 4 shores in Shanghai.
          Swiss Butchery has been awarded the best butchery of Shanghai by Time Out in three consecutive years (2016-2018) and it showcase the best products of fresh meat, poultry, diary and groceries in town.
          Swiss Butchery目前在上海有4家門店,我們致力于帶給消費者世界一流的肉食消費體驗:我們有專業的主廚、嚴格的衛生品控制度,還有多樣化、高品質的新鮮肉食產品,這些都將為您帶來不同凡響的美食體驗之旅。
          Swiss Butchery始終嚴格遵守高標準和品質要求,孜孜不倦地追求卓越品質,我們已連續三年(2016-2018年)被《Time Out》評為上海最佳肉食店。

          RESPONSIBILITY 工作職責:
          • Customer Service 接待來店客人
          • Prepare Online/wholesale Orders 準備訂單
          • Answer all meat related questions to the walk-in customers 回答客人對肉類選購及烹飪方面的問題
          • Maintain Sales Display 肉類產品的擺放陳列
          • Re-stock shelves of dry goods/freezers and chillers 補貨
          • Incoming good receiving 收貨
          • Follow Health and Hygiene procedures 遵守食品衛生流程
          • Assist in clean as you go and keep tidy working environment for customer satisfaction 幫助清理銷售區


          REQUIREMENTS 職位要求:
          • Ideal candidate will have at least 3 years working experience within a butchery/catering/retail outlet   三年及以上肉店及相關餐飲零售工作經驗
          • Meat Expert  精通肉類知識
          • Can do attitude  樂于學習新事物,工作態度積極
          • Must be able to speak and understand English  可用英語溝通
          • Must be able to pass a food hygiene health check   必須有有效的健康證
          • Applicant must be physically fit (possible heavy lifting required)   身體強壯(可能會需要搬運重物)
          • Ideal applicant will have a desire and passion to maintain excellent customer service and provide cooking advice   熱愛服務業,并對客戶提供購買及烹飪建議
          • Focus on quality product and presentation   注重產品品質


          電 話:52235170
          聯 系 人:Angela Tao
          地 址:


          傳承百年瑞士匠心,Swiss Butchery致力于帶給中國消費者世界一流的肉食消費體驗。我們從可持續發展的本地綠色農場和享有盛譽的澳大利亞屠宰場直接采購,以保證產品供應鏈的可追溯性。我們有專業的瑞士主廚、嚴格的衛生品控制度,另有多樣化、高品質的新鮮肉食產品,這些都將為您帶來不同凡響的美食體驗之旅。

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