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          Guest Service Manager 賓客服務經理

          • 國際四星級酒店  |
          • 150-500人  |
          • 2021-04-17

            不限工作經驗  不限學歷   招2人  性別:不限
            不限 不限 不限   年齡:不限


           Ensures proper hand-over of logbook and information at the end of each shift.
           Reports directly to the Front Office Manager regarding important information, problems and relevant actions taken, on an ongoing basis throughout the day.
           Observing operations in the lobby and Public Area ensuring all procedures are being followed. Guaranteeing all staff handle guests courteously and professionally. All financial and legal procedures are adhered to and ongoing operations are monitored with any incidents reported in the correct manner.
           關注在大堂,所有公共區域員工的對客服務,確保所有流程符合要求。確保員工有技巧、禮貌、專業的來服務客人。監控所有突發事件的處理按照相關的政策和程序要求執行。
           Patrolling hotel public areas and report any damage, cleanliness issues, and potential hazards to relevant departments.
           巡視酒店公共區域并檢查損壞及清潔狀況,要求相關部門及時做出妥善的處理。
           Reviewing daily arrivals and departures as well as in-house guest status. Ensure all guest preferences and requests are completed to the correct standards, VIP arrivals are pre-blocked and the guests are met and escorted as outlined in the VIP treatment plan.
           查看每日預抵、離店和住店客人的狀態,保證所有客人的喜好和要求都按正確的標準完成。重要客人預抵提前做好房間準備及房卡,并按照接待程序接待并引領至房間。
           Maintains appropriate standards and discipline for dress, hygiene, uniform, appearance, posture and conduct of all Front Office personnel.
           Maintains smooth relationships between Management and Guests. Resolve problems arising from Guest’s Complaint and attend to their request and enquiries with dispatch.

           Ensures all Front Desk personnel are familiar with emergency procedures. In case of such situation, coordinates all actions with primary focus on life and second on property protection.
          確保所有部門員工熟悉緊急程序,萬一發 生緊急事件,一切以生命第一,財產第二的原則采取措施。
           Coordinates with Security in investigation of irregularities if required.


          電 話:021-32279999
          聯 系 人:陳小姐
          地 址:上海市長寧區協和路1102號




          酒店擁有近1000平方米的會議場所,擁有3間會議室和可容納400人的大宴會廳,均配備了先進的視聽系統,LED大屏及高速互聯網接口,多維度滿足您的每一場會議需求。 Novotel Shanghai Hongqiao is located in the Kingboard Square, close to the Great Hongqiao Commercial Area. Invested by Kingboard Chemical Holdings East China Businesas Unit. Hotel is within walking distance to Metro Line2, quickly get to National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station in short time.

          Hotel has 367 spacious guestrooms, 3 balanced restaurants,1 fascinated bar, 4 flexible meeting room facilities, and outstanding fitness facilities cater to both business and leisure travelers.

          Nearly 1000 square meters flexible event space equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual systems, LED screen and high-speed internet access, including 3 function rooms and a Grand Ballroom seating up to 400 number of guests.

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