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          客戶關系主任/經理 Guest Relation Officer/Manager

          • 國際四星級酒店  |
          • 500人以上  |
          • 2021-04-22

            三年以上工作經驗  大專學歷   招若干人  性別:不限
            英語 熟練   年齡:不限


          General Mission職責概述:

          Reporting directly to the Front Office Manager and Director of Rooms, the Guest relations Manager is responsible for assisting the Management in the overall day to day operations of Sofitel Hyland Shanghai whilst on duty At all times the Guest relations Manager is expected to lead by example - the behavior, speech and appearance must be without fault.  The treatment of staff must be courteous and discretionary.  The guest service standards must be the benchmark that sets the levels to be attained by all hotel staff.

          Main Responsibilities主要職責:

          The Guest relations Manager is responsible and accountable, under the direction of the Front Office Manager, for the efficient overall day to day operations of Sofitel Hyland Shanghai whilst on duty.  They are to maintain the highest standard of guest service and satisfaction.  The Guest Relations Manager is responsible for engendering team spirit and motivation in all staff.  They must also be fair and just in any staff disciplinary action required.  The Guest Relations Manager  is also expected to be a "hands-on" Manager. By this, we expect that they be prepared to lend "hands-on" assistance if a hotel area/department becomes very busy.  It must be emphasized that this "hands-on" assistance must be approached with the "hotel as a whole" in mind, and must not be detrimental to the efficient operations of other areas.
          As a representative of the Hotel Management, the Guest relations Manager will be called upon to deal with guest problems and/or complaints.  In dealing with these situations, the Guest relations Manager must ensure that they use tact and diplomacy and remain within the organizational policy in rectifying these situations.
          The Guest relations Manager is responsible for receiving and escorting all VIP’s and ensuring that they feel comfortable and welcome on arrival to Sofitel Hyland Shanghai.
          Ensuring guest history/preferance is always maintained.
          Able to represent hotel management during weekends and nights.
          To arrange alternative accommodation for the turn away clients as when hotel fully booked.
          Responsible for security checks of the entire hotel and its equipment on a regular basis each day/evening.
          Responsible for attending to, resolving or acting upon any alarms or security breaches that may occur whilst on duty.
          The Guest relations Manager is to ensure and oversee that the Receptionist/Cashier shift procedures/duties are completed on time and are procedurally correct.
          Brief incoming duty manager’s on items to be followed-up.
          Maintain daily an accurate record in the duty manager’s logbook of items and incidents which may be of concern to management and /or which may require further attention.
          To assist as required/requested with the solving of any guest complaints/problems.
          The Guest relations Manager is responsible for acting fire and emergency procedures and for contacting Senior Management in case of a fire or emergency whilst on duty.
          To ensure that you as a Duty Manager are constantly aware of and `up-to-date' with all happenings and operations within the hotel.  It is vital that you have an obvious presence throughout the hotel, and be visible and moving through public areas and departments continually whilst on duty.
          Ensure that you as a Duty Manager are completely aware of all Sofitel Hyland Shanghai services and facilities, outlet operating hours and scope of service.
          Responsible for on going pertinent/relevant log book communication to other shifts/departments.
          Checks with Front office supervisor for room status for the day
          Checks daily arrival list for VIPs, regular and all FIT guests. Introduces hotel facilities and special services to guests while rooming. Follows up checks-in.
          Co-ordinates and follows up immediately with Executive Housekeeper and Engineering Department for any request of guest regarding maintenance and repair in the guestrooms.
          Inspects floors, guestrooms and public areas regularly.
          Check, make sure that posters, frame and function notice are properly maintained and makes sure the elevators are clean and in proper condition.
          Oversees the daily movement of guest activities and be able to resolve any guest complaints and to establish an amicable relationship with guests, clients and customers of the Hotel.
          Through close supervision, recommends improvement in operation, especially in the aspects of developing better service standards, increasing revenue and reducing costs.


          電 話:021-63515888
          傳 真:021-63514088
          聯 系 人:人才與文化部傅小姐
          地 址:中國上海市南京東路505號


          Sofitel Shanghai Hyland is located in the heart of the city on Nanjing Road pedestrian shopping street. The hotel is within walking distance of People’s Square, the Bund, Shanghai Museum, Grand Theatre, the former French Concession and adjacent metro stations – Nanjing Road East Station and People’s Square Station.


          The commercial, cultural and historical sites are ideally on the doorstep of the Sofitel Shanghai Hyland. Its 383 rooms including 140 Superior room club millesime on 19-29 floors perfectly reflect comfort , elegance and luxury of Sofitel brand, with exclusive panoramic views overlooking the ever changing Shanghai skyline.


          4 fully equipped function rooms from 24sqm to 400sqm, with modern facilities and professional supportive staff, have successfully hosted numerous cocktail parties, dinners, meetings and conferences. In addition, the hotel has 2 restaurants and 1 bar.


          Sofitel Shanghai Hyland is driven by a cohesive team with strong focus on skills and career development, team spirit and commitment to succeed in an innovative and cooperative working atmosphere. Suitably experienced and qualified applicants are currently sought for the following positions.

          上海索菲特海侖賓館是一支具有高凝聚力的團隊,我們致力于員工職業技能和職業生涯發展,培養團隊精神及履行責任。我們熱誠歡迎有相關經驗及適合的人士與我們共同開創創新、合作的良好的工作氛圍。 謝絕來電來訪,合則約見。

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